Burdens and Benefits of Ownerships

It is important in an IRC Section 1031 exchange to understand when the transfer of ownership has passed from one party to another and to grasp the distinction between receiving legal title as compared to an equitable ownership interest in property. Legal title represents a bundle of rights in a property and documents the transfer of ownership by a deed and evidence of legal title is established through a title report prepared by a title insurance company. Equitable ownership represents possession and is an ownership right in a property that may be protected by an equitable remedy. In some cases, legal title and equitable ownership may be transferred independently of each other. Read More…

Advanced 1031 Exchange Webinar for Commercial Brokers

Please join us Tuesday, September 20th, from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM CDT, for an informative and advanced webinar providing a thorough overview of 1031 exchanges for commercial brokers. This webinar covers critical IRS time deadlines in delayed exchanges, “like-kind” requirements including creative property variations like communication easements, partnership/LLC scenarios (and how to best structure in advance of a 1031 exchange), reverse and improvement exchanges, related party transactions and how to avoid common pitfalls and other 1031 exchange related issues. This webinar will provide a summary of current developments regarding possible tax reform and the implications for 1031 exchanges and other recent IRS guidance on current issues related to exchanges. Register Now

1031 Basics: Reverse 1031 Exchanges

1031 Exchange Library

In today’s buyer’s market, many investors are taking advantage of unprecedented opportunities to purchase significantly discounted real estate — often at less cost than replacement value. And many of these investors are exchangers taking advantage of a ‘reverse exchange’ (purchasing a replacement property before closing on the sale of a relinquished property) which can be an ideal solution when there is an excellent purchase opportunity and the exchanger cannot delay the replacement property closing. Read More…


1031 Basics: Reverse 1031 Exchanges

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Investing in housing is not just a rich person’s game – even the middle class can participate. Stewart Chief Economist Dr. Ted C. Jones shares the top markets for budget-minded investors. Read more…

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